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5 easy flyer rules

Jul 27, 2016


5 easy flyer rules

A flyer is a combination of information and impressive design. A well-designed flyer has to stand out and be informative. It has to provide people with information and be attractive. If you are able to combine these two factors, then your flyer will be perfect and it will be an efficient promotion tool. Here are 5 easy rules you should to follow when you design a flyer (even if you use our template):

  1. Have a plan. Try to imagine how the flyer should look and make a quick sketch, so you do not forget your ideas. If you have some time – have a rest, then look at your sketch with fresh eyes, you may want to add, remove or scale something. You should think about the message you want to deliver with help of the flyer. Remember, a flyer has to be original, try to create something new. Determine style of your flyer and try to understand who your target audience is.
  2. The title should be unusual, provocative, and memorable. Use powerful words to make people want to act visit your party or use your services. Describe advantages of your services. The title is very important; as it is the first portion of information, a person sees when they start studying your flyer. Therefore, the title has to make people want to learn more about the event or services. Focus on benefits
  3. Use graphics according to flyer style and its’ theme. If you promote a luxurious party, then use graphics, which people associate with luxury and party – champagne, luxurious cars, beautiful girls, etc. If you promote translation services – use flags, real estate – photos of rooms, etc. Graphics should make your flyer noticeable. At the same time, all elements have to harmonize perfectly. This stage may take some time so be patient. Again, if you have time – take a rest, and then look at your flyer with fresh eyes.
  4. Consider technical aspects of flyer designing. There are hundreds of aspects you need to consider. You need to know what CMYK is, how to add crop marks, etc. Take your time and try to dig in the technical aspects of designing and printing.
  5. Proofread and check everything a couple of times. The final stage is extremely important. Read everything attentively and make sure there are no mistakes. Check your design. If you have time – have a rest and look at the flyer with fresh eyes. Introduce tweaks if necessary.

These five basic rules will definitely help you. Buying a template at you would save a lot of time. Since our templates are print-ready and have all guidelines. The templates we offer are quite flexible and you can modify it in accordance with your desires.

If flyer designing is not for you – consider hiring us and we will create a flyer you need.

5 easy flyer rules
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