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About Us

Dear friends and visitors! It is time to become acquainted and you are welcome to start. We are the team of professional lovers of our case. We spend a lot of time for our work with big pleasure for our clients to be happy with it. Despite that fact that Styleflyers is a kind of business, there are the parts of our souls and positive energy.

We’ve got 5 people here. Olga is our site manager. She helps all of us to work together and to carry out the tasks. Also Olga is a good designer and a great idea girl. If you have any questions or suggestions, the person who can help you is Olga.

The very important person we have is Den. He is our Project manager. Exactly Den controls all the processes the on the website and he determines the final result of the work. Due to him everything is going well. Generally, it is very cool to work with good professionals in their field.

Ura is our programmer. Thanks to him, all the technical ideas are putting into the practice. Occupation of the programmer is quite versatile. Ura is a very good programmer because thanks to him everything is working well!

Oxi is our talented designer. It is a hard work always to be ready to create something new! I think she has a lot of interesting and necessary ideas for many cases. For Oxi being a creative person is more than just have certain characteristics. It means to act creatively all the time, relying on imagination and originality.

My name is Kate. I work as a copywriter. My task is to make the impression of the flyer and to give some coloration to it using only words. I try everything I write to be interesting and useful for you. Hope you sometimes pay attention to it!))

All of us are the Styleflyers family. We love what we do and try you to feel the same. Thank you for your attention!

The END.

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About Us
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You can subscribe to our membership program and have full acces to all flyers
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