Dozen of great free photo overlays

Jan 24, 2019
We'have gather something new and interesting for your! Here it is - free photooverlays from! Do you know how it works? no? then this video will be usefull for you - as you can see it's quite easy to use any of this overlay as it says in read me files that goes with overlays you need to make several actions   1. Open a... Read more

5 Rules of the Ideal Flyer

Jan 17, 2019
5 Rules of the Ideal Flyer There are a lot of rules and principles in flyers and posters creation, let's learn several of them to make ideal poster to your event. This principles will help you to understand what element is unnecessary and ruins your composition and which one you are missing. For thr example lets take one of the classy flyers -  Cocktail Bar PSD Flyer Template  - such flyers... Read more

How to install a font

Dec 06, 2018
How to install a font under Windows? Extract the files you have downloaded. Details: Click on the "Download" button, save the zip somewhere on your hard disk, go to the place where it is saved, double-click on the zip to open it, then either click on "Extract all files" or drag and drop the files elsewhere from the zip window (hold down the CTRL key to select several files at once) For the... Read more

Autumn free and premium flyers for you

Oct 18, 2018
Autumn is not an unequivocal time. On the one hand, sadness gradually comes on because cold is soon, winter, but also autumn time is incredibly beautiful season - it's bright, interesting and unreliable romantic! We have collected several beautiful flyers for you to help spend this autumn for 10 points Here is several great free and premium promo and sale flyers for you... Read more

Styleflyers and GDPR

May 26, 2018
On May 25th 2018, the most comprehensive change to privacy legislation ever undertaken —the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)— takes effect. Here at, data protection is something we take very seriously. As a cloud-based company entrusted with our customers’ data, we’ll continue to view the treatment of our users’ data as a top priority. Styleflyers and... Read more