What can cover a Facebook cover?

Jan 05, 2017
Facebook is the most popular social network with millions of registered users. It went a long way and today it is a great mean to communicate with people and deliver different kinds of messages. A Facebook Business page is a perfect starting point for your campaign. You can spread the message easily! A cover for a Facebook Business page should be designed properly. It has to look amazing... Read more

CMYK – four colors that matter

Dec 20, 2016
CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) is a color model that is used in color printing. The reason why all printed materials should use this color model is that the main principle of printing is to lay down a color then wait (to dry it), then lay another one and wait (to dry it) and so on. This method helps to create colorful printed materials, in spite of the fact that the principle was invented... Read more

Smart objects in PSD flyers Templates

Dec 14, 2016
Smart objects in PSD flyers Templates Smart objects contain data from vector and raster images, which are created via Photoshop or Illustrator. The objects store the original image data. It helps to perform non-destructive customization. Advantages of smart objects Photoshop smart objects have a range of benefits, such as: Non-destructive editing. It is possible to rotate, scale, transform... Read more

5 PSD Christmas Trees for your flyer

Dec 05, 2016
5 PSD Christmas Trees for your flyer Christmas is a wonderful holiday. It is a good reason to throw a nice party and meet all your friends. To make the promotion easier – you should use flyers. Flyers can be used as invitations as well. A PSD flyer is easy to customize, since all elements are on separate layers and you can change any element separately. Make your flyer special There... Read more

The fonts we use

Nov 22, 2016
To make a quality PSD flyer attractive and effective we use a wide range of fonts. Fonts should be chosen properly in order to complete the images and create an amazing flyer. Choosing a font We do not create fonts on our own, because it would take too much time. We use free fonts in our flyers. Here are some stocks, where you can find the fonts we... Read more