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7 Reasons To Use Flyer To Promote Special Events

Oct 19, 2020


7 Reasons To Use Flyer To Promote Special Events

Nowadays, the advertisement is becoming more and more popular and is viewed as a powerful tool for promoting products, services strongly. Hence, when you hold a special event, a launching new item, a new product, or your store opening event, what you need to focus on is how to make all people aware of it. There are tons of ways for you to advertise your items, services effectively such as Radio, news, internet, television, and more, but all of those ways will require you to invest a lot of money, it is so hard for small businesses, it is a big challenge for a lot of beginners.


Word of mouth is one of the most-known promotional media in years and it is developing more and more popular through social media channels, Facebook in particular. Facebook or Twitter is a channel media providing many free channels with the goal to help many small businesses promote their services easily.

With the popularisation of Facebook, when there are billions of users on Facebook,  this is a great platform for all businesses to engage with customers as well as promoting their special event. Flyer distribution is one of the techniques to direct marketing and promote your event effectively.


To help you understand the role of this method, this article will help you know  7 Reasons to use flyers for your special event.

  1. Enhance to reach your customers:

Using flyers, you can easily reach your customer in a lot of ways such as:

  • Deliver flyers door to door
  • Newspaper insert
  • Street distribution
  • or Instore distribution


2.Get creative:


One of the pros of flyers distribution is that you can freely create. You can design your flyers more attractive in many ways, this will help you transfer your messages effectively.

The size of most of the flyers will be from A4 to A5’s size, there will be many spaces to get your message across.

  1. Advertisement tangible:

One of the most-loved things about this method is its tangible nature. When customers took your flyers that means that you are successful halfway to get your message across. You also have to focus on your designing flyers, that how to your flyer becomes attractive, outstanding, this will decide that your potential customer will read on to the next information or not. Hence,  your flyer needs to designed clearly and easy to see as much as possible.

  1. Show your Incentives:

Your flyer can have enough space to include offers like coupon codes and coupons or vouchers. This is a useful way to try and spark interest in your event. The usage of your flyer is an incentive by offering a great discount to the 20 people who use a certain coupon code firstly.

  1. Measurable Method:

You will be able to measure how successful your marketing campaign is when you use the flyer distribution method for promoting your services by coupon codes and good deals.

Using flyers as a measurement tool that helps you determine how successful your event is as well as the lesson you can learn to change the future. Besides,  custom URLs and QR codes also enable you to follow you to track the success of your flyer campaigns.

  1. Cost-effective

Compared to other promo ways through promo mediums such as TV, news,… Flyer distribution is considered the most saving cost method of promotion but gets a good return on investment.

  1. Versatile

You can easily find the convenience of the flyer distribution method. Just need to fold, your flyers can be mailed promptly. You should:


  • In order to be flat

or post flyers, your flyers become feature posters

  • Designing flyers and printing them on thicker papers to becomes a postcard
  • Choose the printing facility will provide your flyer design in electronic form, hence you can send your online flyers by email.


As we know that flyer distribution will be the best way to help you promo effectively and save, if you want to design your outstanding flyers, you can find the best sites to help you get your flyer as expected.


7 Reasons To Use Flyer To Promote Special Events
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