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Spring flyers tips

Feb 20, 2016



Cold winter with its monochrome and dull pictures is almost over and it’s mean that spring party season is knocking at your doors.And it means that It’s a high time to think about spring flyer design.

If you’re a professional designer, you must know that sometimes it can be too hard to create a creative flyer with a snazzy and attractive design. From year to year,  new trends and concepts appear. And it became too hard to stand out of the crowd. If you want to create a unique and exquisite work, you need to know some trends and rules.

We can give your several useful pieces of advice about spring flyers that you have to bear in your mind. Take your notes!


First of all, don’t forget about bright and deep colors! Make your flyer be bright and snazzy, but not too much! It’s not a summer yet, so it will be more appropriate to use pastel colors.

Spring color pallet is full of green colors and shades. Everybody loves spring for its first grass and tender cherry blossom. So, you can add green and pale pink colors to your spring flyer. When people see this combination of colors, they associate it with the warm and sunny weather, warm spring wind and pleasing sunshine. So, you can use these warm colors to provoke gentle feelings.

Look at this green leaf, it conveys the spirit of spring and its magical beauty. You can add to your flyers green leaves, grass or even green background. Whatever you pick, it will bring spring mood to your flyer.

But don’t forget about other spring colors! You can use any other pastel shades. For example, at my flyer at dedicated to love and romance ‘love is in the air ‘, I combined pink and blue colors on sky background. Such colors create a garish and mind-bending design.

If you want to show up, you need be more creative! So, explore, combine pastel colors and create some new concepts.


Don’t forget that spring is time to start your body work – so fitness flyers are quite actually is now. It should be full of dynamic and movements, people are tired of sitting at home. They need some action. So, you can decide in favor of sports flyers.

Spring brings us the sunshine, warm weather and desire to move and grow. During this beautiful season, people start to think about their self-improvements and personal growth. They start to run in the morning, go to the gym. Spring is a perfect time to think about your shape and to prepare for a summer season. So, catch this golden opportunity and concentrate on fitness flyer.


Spring is a time of rebirth a lot of holidays in different cultures prove this statement. So, holiday flyer are also very actual! All events for st. Patrick’s day in March to Easter Day in April will need their invitations.

Don’t forget about 8 March women’s day! This holiday needs a lot of new flyers and invitations. Be creative and bring some new concepts and ideas to this bright and joyful day!

Also, you shouldn’t forget that flyer and its agreement and print will take the time, and there always have to be one day left for your extra cases. So, you should create your own calendar with this time for production terms. Make a schedule; it’s a great opportunity to make your work effective and productive!


Never forget about fun and joy. Without it nothing is matter. If your work does not please you, just send it to the junk. So at spring flyers, we should add some humor and irony at least till afternoon in the “fool day”. Add some cute and funny pictures and object. Combine bright and deep background with an eye-catching object. Do that and your flyer will win all hearts.


Watercolors are still in trend. From the end of 2015, this design trend comes from graphics web design to beauty industry. They are light, bright and flawless! All these words are almost synonyms to the spring season. I think that it won’t be actual in summertime anymore, so we should use it right now!

Watercolors will make your flyer both creative and bright. So, don’t waste an opportunity to create an exquisite and eye-catching spring flyer.

Watercolors will be appropriate for any occasion. You can use it for 8 March flyer or for picnic party invitation.

You can also use watercolors for a simple design. Just make a creative background with the help of several watercolors and add some content. You will get a snazzy flyer will simple design.

Spring flyers tips
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