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How to Promote Your Local Business With Flyers?

Oct 12, 2016

blog-pic Promoting your business

Promotion is extremely important for your business, since it is the way to tell people about your company. There are a number of ways to promote your company. If your promotion budget is limited or you do not want to spend a lot of money on advertisement – consider using flyers. Using flyers to market your business is a good option, but you need to keep in mind a couple of important factors. Here some tips on how to promote a local business with flyers.

Get the general idea

You need to have a general idea of a flyer you want to see. A flyer should be enough to get people interested and make them want to use your services or buy your products. It is a difficult task. That is why you need to determine your target audience and work out a style using elements appealing to the target group. If you offer babysitting services, then a good idea would be using elements that people associate with kids, like toys.

Consider style

Style of the flyer you will use is extremely important. A flyer should be appealing and standing out of any other advertisement material. At the same time, a flyer should not look like a quilt made of different colored patches. It is important to determine a style and stick to it. It may be difficult for you, especially if you are not into design. In this case, consider visiting flyer designing websites, where you can download a flyer for free. Some websites offer free flyers, which you can download, customize and use.

Working on style, you need to remember, that your aim is to attract people and make them want to study the flyer and use your services or buy products you offer. Again, determine your target audience and appeal to it. Colors are important. Cold colors are good for real estate flyers, when warm colors (pink, light yellow) are good for babysitting services.

Importance of text

Images are not enough to provide people with the necessary information. The words you are going to use are very important. You need to find the right words to make people want to work with your company. You need to convince people that your company is best option for them. Promoting local business with flyers, you need to tell people how you can solve their problems.

The key point you need to keep in mind is that you have to balance between “Not enough information” and “Too much information”.  You have to tell people about your company, but there is no need to tell the history of it. Everything should be clear without any ambiguity and focus on your advantages. Again, a person should not spend 25 minutes reading your message. Using colors, you can focus attention of a person on certain words. If the text is white-colored, a person will inevitably pay attention to the red-colored word.

Use space to its maximum

Your flyer should not have any blank areas. At the same time, you should not place hundreds of small elements just to fill the space you have. Design of your flyer is very important and if you experience any troubles with it, consider visiting flyer designing websites, they have hundreds of wonderful ideas.

Distribution of flyers

The area where you will distribute your flyers is a key to success. If you offer something for mothers then distribute flyers near shops with goods for kids.

Study the feedback you get from people. Ask them what they think about your flyers. Consider changing style. Your aim is to attract people, so their thoughts are important.

Consider technical side

Flyer designing is not all about distribution and style. There are hundreds of technical nuances you need to keep in mind. Many flyer-designing companies offer Photoshop files configured to be printed correctly. If the technical side of flyer designing is not for you, then consider visiting such websites. is the best place to buy a flyer or download a free one.

Flyers and promotion

It is a good idea to advertise a small business with flyers, but you need to keep in mind following factors:

  • General idea of your flyer (a rough idea of how it would look lie)
  • Style of your flyer
  • What words you want to say with a flyer
  • Distribution
  • Studying feedback

Do not forget about an internet promotion campaign – a Facebook cover can be a great option. Flyers combine reasonable price with high efficiency, which is a good option for a startup or a small company.


How to Promote Your Local Business With Flyers?
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