Unique Tri-fold brochure design


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To use these flyer template you need Adobe Photoshop

Such type of brochure will be the perfect variant for small business because the dimensions of such brochure perfectly fit in the standard envelope and can be sent without any problems. But you can use it for promoting any business of services.

Such brochure has three panels where you can place your photo and the information about your business or services. ‘

The main function of such brochure is to inform your potential clients and partners about your benefits. It serves as a guide which helps your customer to find out any useful information about your products and services.

It’s very important to create the right first impression and point out all your benefits and key features to your potential clients and partners. That’s why the professional approach is so important.

We can provide you with the high-class assistance and create a stylish and professional Tri-fold brochure for your business.

Your brochure will consist of:

–    Front cover. This panel must be appealing enough for inviting the client to open the brochure and read the further information.

–    Back cover.

–    Inside front panel

–    Inside three-panel spread

Each panel will consist of eye-catching design and the information about your company.