Unique Facebook cover


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To use these flyer template you need Adobe Photoshop

This service will be interesting for those clients who download our free flyer and want to take advantages of our additional advertising material for social media promotion. But of course, if you haven’t download any of our free flyers, but you just want to get a unique Facebook cover for your business, service or event, you can freely order it for just $10.

With this product, your advertising campaign will become more efficient and you will attract more client or visitors.

You just need to send us a flyer, which will be a sort of inspiration for our additional Facebook cover. Such cover will have a similar design with more appropriate dimension for a Facebook post.

In case you haven’t any flyer and you just want to create a Facebook cover, you will need to specify your needs and write down your expectations. Provide us with a list of your requirements and will strictly follow all of them.

You will get a creative but professional design, which will help you in internet promotion.

What will you get?

–    Design in any appropriate format

–    Unique design

–    Appropriate dimensions and sizes

–    The opportunity to add: your company logo, name, tagline, the list of your services or products and any additional info.