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My birthday flyer. Customer review.

Jul 05, 2016


One of our customer write a note about her experience with flyer customization.

A birthday party is a very special day for me. I am a perfectionist and I want everything to be perfect. Since I want to get the best, I have to do a lot to make everything perfect. Here is the story of my birthday and how flyers helped me. My birthday is my special day and it had to be perfect so I had to plan everything without forgetting the smallest details. If you threw a party, then you know how difficult it is, if not, then you are a lucky person. I always want to be original and I look for non-standard solutions. First, it amazes my friends, second it helps to develop my creativity. Throwing a party, I had to invite my friends. Since I have many co-workers, friends and relatives, I decided to prepare something great and non-standard to surprise them all. I decided to use flyers. A flyer is not an invitation via social network or e-mail, like “Hello, would you be so kind to come to my birthday party…”. I started searching for a good flyer and found This website offers hundreds of even thousands of different flyer designs for different events, like parties, birthday parties, wedding, etc. I found a flyer template I liked, I saw that I can order customization of it. It was right what I needed at that moment. Preparing a birthday party, you have no much time to spend. I asked to help me out and customize the flyer I chose.


They asked me what I want and I wrote them briefly, what I expected to see. I asked if it is a long process, since I do not have too much time and they wrote that it would not take much time. I could not just sit and wait for flyers, so I started doing another tasks to make my party amazing. I had a lot of work to do. In a day or two, my unique flyers were ready! When I saw the template, I said “That is right what I need”, a luxurious flyer. They did everything as I asked, and I thought that I was not expressing my desires clear enough, but their designers did everything perfect. A flyer template with customization did not cost me much. However, the point is that I saved my time and I got something to amaze my friends with. It was easy to print and cut those flyers, since the template had all guidelines. Then I successfully distributed my invitation flyers.

I wanted to know what my guests think about flyers and I asked them. They like the idea itself and the flyers. Moreover, some guests decided to keep the flyers. A flyer is a material object unlike a social network message. A flyer will always remind you about the event you visited. Therefore, I threw a great birthday party and flyers made everything easier for me, since a flyer had all information about the event, so I had not to tell people anything. I would like to thank again! They helped me a lot!

Tiffany Thanks alot for your review and happy birthday!!!!!

My birthday flyer. Customer review.
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