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6 flyer mistakes

Aug 26, 2016


6 flyer mistakes

Using a flyer as a promotion mean, you expect it to be effective. In other words, you expect a flyer to inform people about the event or services you promote. To make a flyer effective, you need to consider a wide range of factors. Well design is not the only thing you need. Here are 6 mistakes you shouldn’t make from

  1. Poor design. Keep in mind that flyer has to stand out and attract people. A flyer has to make people want to come closer and study it. It has to be noticeable, so a person would pay attention to it immediately. Consider colors of your flyer. Red letters with a bright yellow background is not a good choice. Flyer design has to correlate with the theme of the flyer. If you promote a DJ party – use elements that people usually associate with DJ party. If it is weeding – use elements we associate with love and wedding.
  2. Bad printing. Flyer designing is not all about your artistic skills. You have to consider technical aspects. You need to understand why you should use CMYK and what 300 dpi means. Use high quality paper for you flyers. Good design can be spoiled by bad quality paper.
  3. Proofread the text. Correct all mistakes. Make sure everything is clear and any ambiguity is absent. Stay clear and do not write any unnecessary information. Make sure you state necessary information only, if it is a party – then you should consider date, place, price, etc. If it is, a flyer that promotes your services – pay attention to advantages you have over your competitors. Check everything twice and make sure everything is perfect. It is a very important stage.
  4. Improper design. Designing a flyer, you need to understand your target audience. It helps you to make designer’s choices correctly. Design is changing constantly and you need to know its trends. Your target audience has certain design preferences and you have to make your flyer in accordance with expectations of your target audience. If you prepare a flyer for a modern art exhibition – consider using elements of modern art. It helps to appeal to people via a flyer, which will get them interested in the event.
  5. Wrong distribution places. Distribute your flyers smart. To determine the main places of flyers distributions – determine your target audience first. If you sell cars – consider distributing your flyers via automobile repair shops. Distribution strategy is a crucial point.
  6. Wrong size. A flyer should not be too big or too small. It all depends on the type of flyer you need. An invitation flyer doesn’t have to be big, so a person can put it in a pocket. A small flyer promoting your services is a bad choice, since you have to decide whether to make the font small and make it unreadable or describe your services briefly.homer-computer-doh1

Flyer designing is a time consuming process. There are many factors to pay attention to. To make everything faster – visit Our professional designers are always ready to help you and make an impressive flyer for you. Our designers know all aspects of flyer designing, so you can be sure that everything will be perfect.

6 flyer mistakes
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