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5 rules of themed party in club

Sep 01, 2015


It is easy to explain the popularity of themed parties – it is possible to dip in a completely different world for a few hours. The costumes, the music and a lot of decorations can bring any atmosphere you want to make the even more interesting and popular.

The beauty of these evenings is that they don’t need to be tied with a certain date or event – themed parties can be carried out at any convenient time for everyone.

Arranging a themed party it is not a simple matter. You need to have some skills and knowledge in the organization of holidays. But, if you don’t have much time and the party is already approaching, here you can find some basic rules of arranging themed events.

  • Of course, the main thing is to determine the holiday theme. Whether you would like to make it in Western Style, Great Gatsby style or like a Disco of 80th, the topic should be interesting and clear for your guests.
  • The things without which Themed party won’t be themed – are costumes and dress-code. Everything must be kept in the same style to the party to gone right.
  • The most pleasure things are decorations! Let your imagination run wild and do what you were dreaming about!
  • Don’t forget to prepare the best and importantly the most appropriate music. Music will create a half of the celebration atmosphere and it will help your guests to plunge into the atmosphere of the evening.
  • And the most enjoyable rule is – do everything to make your guests remember this holiday as long as possible. Prepare some themed presents, make photos and give a good mood to everyone who comes!

How do you think, what is the most popular themed party for you? If you want to have some fresh ideas, visit and choose the best one! Leave your comments, it is very important for us to know your opinion!

5 rules of themed party in club
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