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20 Best Free Flyer Templates for you

Sep 12, 2016


Why flyers?

A good promotion campaign is an inseparable part of business or an event. The main point is that you have to tell people about your business, your services and products. The same is true for events. If no one knows about the event – no one will come and the event will fail. Flyers combine reasonable price with high efficiency. Production expenses are quite low if we compare them with production of audio ads (for radio) or TV ad. Another point to consider is that flyer templates are very easy to customize.

Flyer types

Promoting something, you need to clearly understand what your target audience is and appeal to it. Flyer style should be considered as well. If you offer real estate services, then your flyer should have a picture of a house. Color choosing is important too, a pink colored flyer would be perfect if you offer something for women. There are many details to consider.

Luckily, there are websites, which offer awesome free flyer templates. Professionals, who know every aspect of flyer designing, make such templates. However, you still need to choose the flyer template you need. There are flyers for:

  • Parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Wedding ceremonies
  • Real estate services
  • Building services
  • Sport event flyers
  • Travelling services
  • Translation services

Since the templates are customizable photoshop files, you can introduce some changes and make a flyer you want. Introducing changes is a lot faster than creating a flyer from scratch. is the website that is ready to provide you with top flyer templates.

Party flyers

A party is a good way to chill out. There are many wonderful party flyers available.


Here is a good party flyer. Good choice of colors (gold and black) and style makes this flyer look luxurious.


A perfect flyer for a themed party. Anime style is a great choice, since anime is quite popular now.


Hookah is very popular today and such parties are successful. It is a great example of appealing to a certain target audience.


A flyer for a girl party. Such parties are quite successful. Color choice is quite impressive. Pink and black colors tell that it is something for girls. Speakers tell us that it is a party, because music is an important part of a party. Such flyers are perfect as invitations.


Here is a flyer for an Arabian style party. It features all elements of Arabian culture.

Business flyers

Promotion of your services is very important as it determines your income rates.


A good car wash flyer. It has a photo of an automobile. It already tells people what the flyer is all about.


A flyer for a company offering real estate services. It has blocks of text with advantages of the agency.


A general business flyer. Minimalistic style with white and orange colors will make this flyer stand out.


A flyer to promote a sale event. Such events can greatly increase your income rates. This is a flyer with vivid style, it perfectly combines different colors and create an amazing image. This is a perfect option for sale events.


It is never late to start learning a foreign language. This flyer is perfect to promote language courses. It features flags of different countries, which is a symbol of communication.

You probably have noticed that business flyers have longs texts. It is important to tell people why they should work with you.

Sport events

All sport flyers have something in common. All flyers have pictures of something we associate with a certain kind of sport. All flyers are dynamic with wonderful design. Here are just a few of those amazing flyers.






Such flyers are dynamic and noticeable. If you see a flyer with fists, then you would probably think about a fight, and you will be right.

Season flyers

Some events depend on season. It would be perfect to throw a party called “summer party” in December, wouldn’t it?  Some flyers are perfect for certain holidays, here are some of them:


A good Halloween flyer with the elements we associate with this holiday. A creepy flyer is something you need to promote a Halloween party.


Valentine Day is a wonderful day for all couples. This flyer is a perfect choice to promote an event dedicated to this wonderful holiday.


Saint Patrick’s Day is important for a certain social group and this flyer is right what you need. It has the elements we associate with Ireland, like clover.


Oktoberfest is a holiday for those, who like beer. Yellow colors make this flyer wonderful.


4 of July is the most important holiday for Americans. This flyer is perfect to promote a party dedicated to the Independence Day.

You can find more free flyers at and the best thing is that you can download PSD templates for free. Flyers can be very effective. Customizability is a very important feature, as you can create a unique flyer so it will stand out and attract people. Moreover, some companies offer customization services, so professional designers will do everything you need. A good promotion campaign is an inseparable part of success. Do not forget about internet promotion as well. A good Facebook cover will help a lot. What are free flyer templates best for you? – It depends on your requirements. You need to understand your target audience and choose a flyer in accordance with your event or services. If you offer business services, then dark tones may be a good choice. If you throw a summer party – then a bright flyer is right what you need. A flyer should have elements that people usually associate with something you offer.

20 Best Free Flyer Templates for you
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