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Real Estate Flyer Ideas

Sep 21, 2016


Business flyers

Promotion may be quite challenging, especially if your budget is limited. You need to tell people about your services or products, but you cannot spend thousand dollars on it. The question appears “What shall you do?” In this case, a good flyer from is able to help a lot. Real estate flyers differ from flyers dedicated to clubs, parties or holidays. Luckily, designers of have many wonderful real state flyer ideas, but first you need to start with the main question “What do you need?”

Style of real estate flyers

As it has been already mentioned, real estate flyers are different. Here are some examples of real estate flyer templates from our website:





Style of these printable flyers is quite different. Some flyer templates include photos of smiling people and some do not. However, there is something that is common for all templates – blocks of texts. That is true for all business flyers. Such flyers have to be very informative. Usually, a business flyer has more information than a flyer dedicated to a holiday or a party. The reason is easy to explain. When we speak about business flyers, we need to provide people (your potential customers) with the information they need to know. You have to focus on your advantages. There is no such necessity when it comes to party flyers.

You may also notice that palette is limited to 2-4 bright colors. There are no many elements. Another important detail to mention is what we see. Real estate flyers feature photos of houses, and there is nothing special about that, it helps to tell people what the flyer is all about. If you ask a person, what they associate with real estate, they will probable answer “A house”. Therefore, a real estate flyer template is focused on text information. It is a crucial point, since you need to tell people about yourself and your advantages over other real estate agencies.

Customization of your flyer offers different real estate flyer templates and all of them are PSD files. Therefore you can customize them (if design is not for you, then consider hiring our team). Our team has many ideas for real estate flyer templates. To make a flyer you want, you need to keep in mind some details:

  •      A photo should attract people. However, it has to be something that people always associate with real estate (e.g. a house).
  •     Colors should be chosen properly, so people can read text easily (our designers will help you with that)
  •     Text itself. It is important to provide people with necessary information and not tire them with text. A person should not spend 20 minutes reading the text. Everything has to be clear.
  •     Check everything twice
  •     Think about the distribution strategy

As you can see, flyer designing and customization is quite challenging. Luckily, our designers can make everything a lot easier for you.

Save your time and money

Flyer templates can save a lot of time, but can save your money as well. Check the category dedicated to free real estate flyers from our designers:

There are many free real estate flyer samples for you. These amazing PSD flyers are completely free, you can download, customize and use them right away. The photoshop files are fully layered, so you can easily modify color and other elements of flyers.


Real Estate Flyer Ideas
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